Blackington Badges

Blackinton® is a privately held company, and is the largest manufacturer of police, fire, security, military, and government badges and uniform insignia in the United States. The company combines old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to produce the industry’s finest quality products. To access all of our products please click on the link below.

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Uniform Badges

Uniform badges can be worn on a shirt or jacket, stored in a wallet or case, or used as a lanyard or pocket ID. We supply high quality metal badges for police, fire, security, private investigators, ambulance, paramedics, and more. We can also supply the wallets, cases, and lanyards to hold the badges.

Badge Options

Badges come in the following finishes:

Nickel: silver in color; fair degree of hardness

Rhodium Plate: silver in color; platinum electroplated ; more shine; resistant to tarnishing

Rho-Glo: silver in color; a step up from the Rhodium plate; metal does not require electroplating for its shine and durability

Gold: gold in color; electroplated with 22K gold

Hi-Glo: gold in color; metals used do not require electroplating; polished to a high luster

KK: gold in color; 24K gold electroplating; tarnish proof

Rose Gold: dark gold color; gold electroplated; hand rubbed to look antique

Black: black/grey in color; lacquered to have minimum reflection

Bronze: bronze/copper in color; hand rubbed; look of natural oxidation from age

Two-Tone: combination of gold and silver in color; requires applied panel badges (see panels and seals)

Badges are listed under “A” or “B” type badges. “A” badges only come in solid back and “B” type badges come in shell back, but a solid back can be ordered on some “B” type badges at an additional cost.

Types of backs for badges:

  • Pin and safety catch: for shirts, jackets, etc.
  • Wallet clip: for wallets, belts, hanging lanyards, etc.
  • Screw & clutch: for hats, ties, accessories, etc.
  • Permanent mount: for wallets, etc.


Panels are the specific lines on the badges where custom lettering is printed.  Panels come in two options: Die-cast and Applied

  • Die cast panels are stamped into the badge and cannot be changed.
  • Applied panels are individual panels welded to the badge and can be taken off and replaced.

While applied panels are more expensive than die cast, they do offer more flexibility if you want a colored panel or to change the purpose or name on the badge.  Call for more information.


The seal is the area in the center of the badge where some type of designation can be installed. Seals can be standard or custom.

  • Standard seals are generally round. Blackinton offers a large variety of standard seals including all state seals. Most standard full color seals are offered at no additional cost for Hi-Glo and KK finish badges.
  • Customized seals are made to your specifications. While standard seals are generally round, seals can be designed any shape or style that will fit the area. There is a one-time charge to develop artwork and die casts. Call for more information on custom designed seals.


Lettering comes with two finish options: Regular and Hard Enamel.

  • Regular enamel means that the letters on the panel will be painted on the panels Regular enamel is standard on Nickel, Rhodium Plate, and Gold Plate finishes.
  • Hard enamel means that the letters have been stamped into the panels and then the letters are filled in with paint. This helps prevent loss of letters due to wear. Hard enamel is standard for Rho- Glo, Hi-Glo, and KK finishes.


Lettering always comes in all capital letters.  However, you can choose from two fonts:

  • Block: Arial block font
  • Roman: Times New Roman font

Shirt Pocket Badges

Shirt pocket badges are mounted on a plastic sleeve that fits into a breast pocket of a shirt or coat. The plates on the top and/or bottom of the sleeve can be custom lettered. Sleeves can also be used as a hanging lanyard.

Key Chain Badges

Key chain badges are small badges (1 ¾ “ long  by 1” wide) and can be carried on a key chain.  These badges have become very popular with active and retired police and fire personnel.  A key chain attachment can be installed on the top of the badge or you can choose a badge that already has a hole through one of the eagle’s wings.  Not all badge styles come in smaller sizes, so check with us to discuss the options.

Special and Custom Badges

Blackinton custom badges are designed with your input to meet specific department requirements. Your custom Blackinton badge can incorporate unique design elements such as local landmarks, historic buildings, or other symbols of your town, city, or state. A customized center seal can also be included to add color and to further personalize your badge.

Important Information

Most specific government agencies require authorization to carry a badge with their agency name. We may ask for a confirmation letter from an authorized government agency, e.g., POLICE, GOV, STATE, etc. before placing an order.  However, there are a number of choices for private investigators and security personnel. 

While we are a proud Blackinton dealer, we will help you find what you are looking for.  We can supply badges from Braxton and other leading manufacturing suppliers.

Call us at 952-934-7626 or e-mail for information on available discounts and quotes.